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A Touch of Healing Lotions

Fizzing Bath Salts

Fizzing Bath Salts

Production Description

Nourish your skin and ease away your tension with our loose fizzing bath salts.  Our salts are shipped to you in a loose format because doing so allows you to customize your experience! Made with simple ingredients, including Epsom salts and Dead Sea Salts, each bag holds 28oz of our product, with 1200mg of CBD per bag. While we do recommend that you use a gently rounded cup per bath (approximately 400mg of CBD!) you are welcome to use as much or as little as you would like. For those of you who want to use the product in a foot tub, the perfect way to pamper your feet, we recommend that you start with 1 tablespoon of our salts and go up from there. 

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Body Mousse - Individual glass jars measure approximately 2 inches tall and 2.16 inches across.

The average weight, with shipping materials, is 6oz each.

Body Lotion - Individual plastic bottles measure approximatly 7.0 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide.

The average weight, with shipping materials, is 6oz each.

Fizzing Bath Salt - Individual plastic bag with zip lock closure.

Care Instructions

All of our products are shelf stable in a range of temps (60 to 80 degrees F) and do NOT need to be kept in a refridgerator.

We do recommend that they be kept out of direct sunlight, and in moderate temperatures.

Body Mousse - We recommend that you use a make-up spatula to dip out the desired amount of product that you are using as this will help keep your product clean.

Should your product develop a thick "skin" then more than likely it got too hot or has gotten too old.

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