Welcome! Please excuse our "dust" as we redesign our webpage!
Welcome! Please excuse our "dust" as we redesign our webpage!
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About Us

A Touch of Healing Lotions was born out of a conversation between 4 good friends regarding a hobby the CEO and Founder, Allison (Allie) Englerth, had had for over 20 years. That hobby was making artisanal style body lotions. Looking back, we have to admit that to this day none of us are quite sure who actually asked if Allie could add CBD to her lotions.

Regardless of that little bit of friendly uncertainty it is undeniably true that these four people had all the exact right skills to take Allie's hobby and turn it into something considerably bigger. From that evening, in January 2020 to today, we have worked tirelessly to combine our skills and talents to bring you these quality products

Eventually, when we get big enough, Melissa, with her years of experience starting and running other companies will become our President/CFO. While Michael, with his talents for organization and background in inventory and supply with eventually become our Inventory Supply Chain Manager and Brad, who has worked in warehousing for over 20 years will become our Warehousing Manager/Plant Manager. Until then they continue as they started, holding seat on our advisory board and giving insight while we grow.

So from our families to yours, welcome! We look forward to delighting you with our products for years to come.


Allison (Allie) Englerth