Customer Reviews


Welcome to our customer reviews! Sometimes people call these "testimonials" or "feedback" but regardless of what you call them - we love getting them!

Brittany in CO - February 2022

"By far the best CBD cream I've ever used! I apply it to the distal end of my amputated leg every morning and night. I have never had a CBD cream actually take away pain and reduce sensitivity, until now. It's honestly a miracle in a jar! Ten out of ten in my books!"


Dennis in OK - December 2021

"I met you at the Jubilee Renaissance Festival near Mobile Alabama. I am part of Raptors Keep which is a federally permitted Raptor Conservation/Education organization. I have knee issues and we were at the bottom of the fair hill. Awesome location but uphill most of the time. ATHLotions CBD cream allowed me to work the entire weekend, including standing and talking with folks, all show day, both days. I can't say enough about the products and how they took the pain away from my knee all weekend and for the long trip back to Oklahoma."


Sophia in AL - November 2021 -

"Just wanted to say how awesome these products are! I am a Harper at The ALMFF (Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival - Sept of this year, normally March), and have used these products for muscle pain and strain while working fair! Amazing and fast acting pain relief within minutes! I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and stopped by to grab some of the CBD cream. I was amazed at how quickly the product provided relief! My husband also used on his feet and received immediate relief for sore muscles! Thank you so much!!!"


Liz in CO - November 2021 -

"ATH products keep my fiancé and I glued together everyday. I've used your lotions for aches, pains, stiffness and even sunburns. This stuff truly works! Without you lotions, I am flat out miserable. I started as a 1oz jar skeptic and now I won't go without it!"


Merry in NC - October 2021 -

"I wanted to tell you that your lotions/body butter help me more than my prescription Voltaren ever has. I purchased in October."


Ash in Ok - Sept 22, 2021

"Hi, I'm the one legged pirate you met at the runestone festival last weekend! I honestly didn't expect your lotion to work for me since no other CBD products have.

I have CRPS, which means I'm in so so much pain that it can effect my other organs, and I'm on a lot of opioids that enable me to get out of bed for a bit each day. Unfortunately, they're cutting me off after 4 years in a month or so, and I was expecting it to kill me. So it's very very lucky that I found you when I did, I cannot thank you enough. I literally cried when I realized it was working.

I initially purchased the 2oz 300mg and have already placed an order for more (and for a higher strength) online.

Thank you so so much again, this could literally save my life after years of searching for something that would work.


Lizzie in CO - March 20, 2021 -

"I got your Dreamweaver Blend, 150mg. I was hoping it would help my 3yr old sleep. It works very well! She now brings it to me with her bedtime book each night!


Mary in Panama - Feb 12, 2021 -

"I had to write again to tell you that after using the cream for about +/- 36 hours that my range of motion has dramatically increased.  I am able to do some yoga poses, not as well as normal but most of the way there.  The muscles are starting to work again without screaming in protest.  This cream is a godsend!"


Mary in Panama - Feb 11, 2021 -

"On Feb 1 I tore some muscles in my lumbar. A friend gave me a sample of your products yesterday and I used it last night and this morning on my back, and it is a HUGE help. It’s more effective than taking Advil or prescription muscle relaxers. The improvement in range of motion and decrease in pain are astonishing. I am definitely going to become a customer!!


Alicia in San Diego - Feb 8, 2021 -

"Within 2 days of using the Sports Blend, his back was almost 100%! Woke up with a kink in his neck this morning and he asked “Where is that CBD lotion”!?"


Alicia in San Diego - Feb 4, 2021 - "Devon pulled his back playing golf. A few days of different treatment not really working. Put your stuff (Sports Blend 600mg) on him and within 5 minutes it stopped hurting! Just wanted to let you know."