Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

We create artisanal quality, CBD infused, topical products using boutique manufacturing. By doing so we infuse value and compassion in all of our products.

Vision Statement

We hope to inspire the world at large to make better choices in the products they use, or in the processes used to create other products of similar type, by keeping our company eco-friendly, our products eco-friendly and perhaps most importantly, by keeping our products as affordable as possible.

Not only are we providing a natural and safe product but because we are doing so with as small a carbon footprint as possible, we hope to lead other companies forward in decreasing their own footprints.

As we grow we plan to donate to a wide variety of (mostly local) charitable works out of our profits to improve the community around us. With each donation we will rotate the charity of choice between environmental and social needs. 



**If you know of a deserving 501-C3 feel free to tell us about them! We would be delighted to add them to our list of possibilities.