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Body Mousse - 2oz Jar

Body Mousse is used to hydrate the skin by sealing away moisture that is already present and as such the best time to apply our unique, emollient blend is right after your shower. Just scoop a dollop out and give your skin some extra quality care. This thick, rich cream can also be used in place of many commercial massage creams as it takes longer to absorb when used on dry skin. Due to its thickness, this cream is not available in squeeze bottles.

Body Lotion - 4oz Bottle

Much like our Body Mousse, this product is excellent at moisturizing and protecting your skin! While it contains the same ingredients as our Body Mousse, it is produced differently and as such is lighter weight and highly absorptive. While we encourage you to use the Body Mousse on damp skin or as a replacement to many commercial massage creams, our Body Lotion shines best when used the moment you feel that first prickly or tight sensation that is the herald of dry skin. Because of its texture, our Body Lotion is only available in squeeze bottles!

Fizzing Bath Salts

Relaxing in a bath just got 100 times better... or at least 800mg better! Just sprinkle 1 rounded cup (8oz) of this blend into a full bathtub for a luxurious, foaming, silky experience. You can also opt to use 4 tablespoons, plus or minus, in a foot spa to soothe and spoil your feet! With a smooth layer of gently cleansing foam and high-quality aromatherapy, this blend is also very customizable. You can use as much or as little as you like. 1 cup of this blend has approximately 200mg of CBD (7%). After you have treated yourself, most of the residue left in your tub/foot spa rinses away quickly and easily too! 

Lip Balm

Our lip balm is soft, smooth and super hydrating! Regardless of why your lips are dry, and we all know how dry our lips can get, our balm is certain to bring quick relief.