Why did we lower our prices?

Why did we lower our prices?

A lot of you already know about a certain policy that deals with those times in which you, our amazing customers, find a comparable product with a better price.

Our policy is that if you send us a weblink (preferred) or a receipt of at least two other companies prices, and we confirm that the product in question is of comparable size and total CBD mg, then we will adjust our prices (unless it would send us upside down and if that were the case then we would hit the drawing board to fix that!) to be competitive.

We get it. We are everyday people too; which means we love knowing we aren't paying too much for the things that make our lives better!

So as you might guess, we have received various emails, from various customers, and as of today all of our prices have been adjusted to be very competitive!

We sincerely appreciate you choosing to be part of our customer base and we hope continue to enjoy our products! 

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