We are nearly back!!

We are nearly back!!

Wonderful news! Most of us are over the worst of the Covid Crud and we are trickling back into the office and/or logging in from our homes to get the wheels of this proverbial bus back in action! 

While we had hoped to be back on Valentines Day - that clearly didn't happen. We hope you can forgive us. So here are some updates and then we have a lot of dust to brush off. No seriously, real dust. Not making products for a few weeks means cleaning protocols were also not done. UGH. So yeah, guess what some of us get to do over our weekend?! Good thing we love what we do, though if only we had the ability of a certain cartoon Princess who could whistle up a bevy of helpers...

Updates and/or useful info:

1) All orders that came in while we were MIA have priority over any that come in after we are 100% back in gear.

2) Watching your packaging! We will be adding a special coupon for your next order as promised.

3) Since we are a week late getting back we are going to offer that special 19% off your next order to everyone who orders during our first week back.

4) The website is about to undergo a FACELIFT!!! (Due to the way our website is built the changes will be happening live. Which means things might be a little messy on here throughout the weekend but; we hope to have all the changes done by first thing Monday morning)

5) The spring scent line is rolling out!

6) A new product is expected to go live by March 20 (yes, on the solstice!) 

7) We are changing our CBD quantities based on customer feedback - we are removing some of the very light lines, and adding an XL strength!

8) We are removing the 1oz jars completely.


Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for your patience! 

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