Sale ending soon!

Sale ending soon!

As you may have noticed our whole store has been on sale this week to celebrate the shows that we have traveled to and the way we are growing. 

That sale is coming to an end this weekend though!

Our marketing team is turning over tons of ideas for new sales as we enter the holiday season: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Cuddly dragons... wait... cuddly dragons?!? Now where did THAT come from? ...etc... the list goes on.

What they will get away with doing (see above for an idea of some of the shenanigans they are indulging in), when, and for how long, is currently unknown. Though we suspect the boss is gonna be kept on her toes *trying* to keep the marketing team contained (if not controlled)! 

Something we are excited about: The new Winter Line AND a NEW PRODUCT is launching VERY soon! 

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