Late night technical bug fixes!

Late night technical bug fixes!

Hello my lovely customers! This is Allie, or as my team likes to call me, the "Boss Lady". I know you usually see, infrequent, blog posts from my rascally crew however tonight you actually get a quick blurb from me. You see the down-shot to working from home is that when I forget to silence my computer, and a load of emails comes in from my credit card processor, as well as from some of you letting me know that there is a problem with payments not getting processed... well lets just say the noise level really got my attention!

So, now that I am FULLY awake at quite the unexpected hour, I have not only fixed the technical issue, but to apologize for the error I have put the whole store on 5% sale for "today" 6/8/22 until 11:45pm.

My profound apologies and from our families to yours, I wish you a good night and wonderful day!

~~ Allie

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