It's us...without coffee or tea!

It's us...without coffee or tea!

We are half way thru our first full week back at work and this cute little cartoon guy very aptly shows how most of us feel right now! (btw: we got the image from ... copyright rules and all that!).

We had planned for the website revamp to be done and fully live back on Monday... but... opps? It turns out that after nearly 3 weeks of being gone, getting back in gear is taking longer than we estimated. A good portion of that is because we are being hyper careful about cleaning everything and that takes us away from our computers. 

That said, orders began shipping yesterday and the new Spring label designs are completed! The rest of our catch up phase is moving along quickly and we are so grateful for your support and patience!


P.S. We hope this little monster made you smile too. It's the little things in life...

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