CBD...It's legal... or is it?

This is probably the most confusing topic that we get questions about. First and foremost, in broad and general terms, YES, our products are fully legal. Our company is registered with the State of Colorado, we have an EIN and the rest of the "package" as it were.

However just because we are legal in this state doesn't follow that all states are welcoming. Thankfully most are. In fact only 3 are not, and even then, one of them is technically "unclear" as their last round of legal speak on their ballots was...interesting.

The two states that don't welcome any CBD products are Iowa and Idaho. If you live there, please don't order from us. We can't fulfill it. If you try, you will be refunded fully, minus a 25% handling fee.

As for the confusing state - that would be South Dakota. Because "unclear" is (for us) synonymous with "illegal" we don't accept orders from there either. With any luck they will get their legal speak sorted out soon and we promise, as soon as that information is public we will update everything on our end!

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