Hey check it out! You have an opportunity to come meet some of us in person!

Back on February 10, 2021 we wrote a blog about what we are and are not good at. Blogging was listed in the "our hearts are in the right places, but our blogging schedule... not so much" type of description.

But check us out! It's been just short of 1 month since our last blog and we couldn't be more proud. A common motto around the office is that we celebrate anything we can find to celebrate! Most of our celebrations are done with huge smiles, some high fives, and once in a rare while crowing about whatever it is publicly! 

You made it a whole month without getting pulled over... High Five!

You adopted a new puppy/kitten/goldfish... Huge Smile, and an invite to bring the new pet to visit. Though maybe not the fish ;).

The list can get endless, in a wonderful sort of way.

Question: Ok! We, your loyal, and loving, customer base want to know how we get to actually meet you! Spill!

Answer: Oh my, that sounds rather more like a demand than a question! However; we are as excited as you are so here you go!

You have two verified opportunities coming up soon:

1) The weekend of September 11th, 2021 we will be in Greenville, AL at the Alabama Medieval and Fantasy Festival. 

2) The weekend of October 9th we will be in Heavener, OK at the Viking Festival.

Question: What's up with the Medieval Festivals?

Answer: Comfort. 

Question: Comfort? Exactly how does that make sense?

Answer: It seems to us that our company has more old school "geeks" running it than any other industry baring Technology! That probably isn't exactly true, but it sounds good so we shall leave it standing. Seriously though, our Founder used to act in several guilds that supplied actors for a variety of Renaissance Faires in Southern California. Several other members of the team have similar backgrounds too. Getting to interact with our customers in a playful way just suits our backgrounds and personalities!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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