White Label - Collection

As we are sure you know - the CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate, and more and more entrepreneurs/companies are looking to increase their business by offering CBD products. A Touch of Healing Lotions is now providing white label products that you can buy, re-brand, and sell to your customers at a price you see fit.

In case you are not familiar with the term, white labeling involves purchasing unbranded products we have already designed and tested for efficacy and then reselling them. 

So why would you do this? Generally, companies chose to white label products because they’re looking to start, or grow, a business in the CBD industry. However, they don’t have the necessary equipment, facilities, or experience to produce the products that they are interested in reselling.

When you white label with us you can focus on what you do best by having the freedom to set competitive prices, advertise, and build or expand your customer base; without having to worry about the quality of your products!

We will provide the production, the finished products, access to our current scent lines (though we do ask that you change the name on your label) and/or privately designed scents, and 20+ years of experience.

Typically you will provide the bottles/jars, CBD isolate, labels, and individual shipping materials. We say “typically” because there are always options! 

At this time we offer Pump Lotions, Body Butter, and custom scent blends. We have several more products in R&D too! We have a minimum order of 150 units but can accept orders of up to 600 units.  At the rate we are growing, larger orders will be possible soon! Our production schedule is generally set monthly with 50% due upfront and 50% at delivery. We look forward to adding your special project to our family of clients!

Please click the links below for some examples of pricing (yes they are live) or send us an email for more information!