Unhappy news - yup - it's Covid!

Unhappy news - yup - it's Covid!

Hey everyone! We are unhappy to report that Covid has taken over part of the production team. Our production team isn't huge and as such, until everyone is healthy, we won't be sending out any orders. In general this means somewhere in the area of Feb 14th. 

Now that the bad news has been delivered lets wrap this blog post off with some happier thoughts.

1) Everyone who caught Covid is quarantining at home (no hospital stays as of yet and we certainly hope not at all!)

2) Any orders that came in starting on Wednesday, January 26th are part of the "nothing is being sent out until the Feb 14th or so" rule. While that probably doesn't seem like a happy thought, here is the happy part... When we do send you your order you will find a special coupon inside your package for 19% off your next order. 

Yeah the boss rolled her eyes at us too for that percentage. You have to admit, it might be a groaner but it is kind of cute!

Hey! We are sick, not humorless. 

3) For all the clever folks out there, if you order something before production resumes you will get a special coupon too. Call it a reward for showing us love and support during this time.

4) Thankfully we have our production methods down tight and rarely keep much in the way of backstock. But just to be extra safe - because we don't want to worry we sent you anything you aren't expecting with your package - we will be making all orders fresh after we return to work.  

5) While we aren't going to be quite as fast as we normally are with responses someone from the team will be checking email every day and if you want to ask us anything, send us some virtual love, hot tea and fuzzy socks (oh wait those don't go through email - dang)... we will do our very best to respond.

Stay healthy and we will be back soon! 

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Just need to order 2 of the Healing body butter Dreamweaver
Hope every gets well real soon.

Betty Taylor

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