Sale ending soon... and a contest!

Don't you just love the feeling of winning? We certainly do! So in that spirit we are going to run a fun little contest.

Starting today and running through tomorrow, all you have to do is share this post and then comment on the original that you did so.

On Thursday, the Boss Lady will roll some dice (what's a game without dice?!) and post the video. The numbers on the dice line up with the order of "done" comments. In other words, if you are the 3rd person to comment then you hope the dice roll lands on a 3. If you are the 25th person to comment then you hope for a 25. Yes, for those of you who aren't as into board games there are dice that roll more than the classic 6. In fact, there are dice that roll up to 100!


The dice will be rolled at least 3 times, depending on how many shares/comments we get.

All winners get a 20% off their next regular priced order (yup, the whole order, not just a single item), PLUS:

3rd place: free lip balm

2nd place: free, 2oz, 500mg jar of body mousse (you chose the scent!) and a lip balm

1st place: free, 4oz, 1000mg bottle of daily lotion (you chose the scent!) and a lip balm  

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