Let's Celebrate!

Let's Celebrate!

There is so much going on that we could either write you a novel, which, while interesting, would be long and we might lose some of you along the way; or we can default to the classic alternative... THE LIST. In other words we are hoping you love us enough to let us get away with being too busy to write smooth grammatical transitions between our various pieces of news; and yes we are laughing at ourselves for being this busy/lazy... busy. Yes, busy, is the right word. Lazy is a good word for people who like to do silly things like sleep. ;P Anyway! Onto the list!

It has been quite the ride around here for the last couple months!

A) We have now completed 3 Renaissance Faires:

1) Greenville, AL

2) Heavener, OK

3) Florence, AL

and our products were well received by, and helped, many people! In fact - here is a snip of one of many emails that are starting to arrive from some of you!



I'm the one legged pirate you met at the runestone festival last weekend! I honestly didn't expect your lotion to work for me since no other CBD products have.

I have CRPS, which means I'm in so so much pain that it can effect my other organs, and I'm on a lot of opioids that enable me to get out of bed for a bit each day. Unfortunately, they're cutting me off after 4 years in a month or so, and I was expecting it to kill me. So it's very very lucky that I found you when I did, I cannot thank you enough. I literally cried when I realized it was working.

I initially purchased the 2oz 300mg and have already placed an order for more (and for a higher strength) online.

Thank you so so much again, this could literally save my life after years of searching for something that would work.

A Pirate in Oklahoma"


B) Memo to us - Tissues at all desks are now mandatory. We are a bunch of soggy saps, and stories like this make the water works flow!

C) We have plans to be at another event in AL in November (down near Mobile) and maybe, just maybe, a two weekend event in Paige TX in December!

D) We are getting ready to launch our winter scent line-up:

1) Peppermint Bliss

2) Winter Forest

3) Holiday Spice

They should be live in the shop by the 15th of November!

E) We are also getting ready to launch a new product, same time frame, "Fizzing Bath Salts". Bath bombs are awesome, but sometimes we like to just soak our feet in a foot spa. The Fizzing Bath Salts will allow for that. No matter how to like to treat yourself, by the tablespoon (foot spa), or by the half cup - ish - (bath tub), this product will handle both. We will write more on it when it launches.

F) To celebrate all these wonderful things we are initiating a SALE. Who doesn't like awesome products and an awesome sale? No one around here! Our entire shop is now, for a limited time, on sale for 30% off!! The sale will show up when you go to checkout. :D

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Just wanted to say how awesome these products are! I am a Harper at The ALMFF, and have used these products for muscle pain and strain while working fair! Amazing and fast acting pain relief within minutes! I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and stopped by to grab some of the CBD cream. I was amazed at how quickly the product provided relief! My husband also used on his feet and received immediate relief for sore muscles! Thank you so much!!!

Sophia Monday

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