It's Springtime... oh wait...

It's Springtime... oh wait...

We are fairly sure that by now our struggles with posting a regular blog are becoming legendary! 

We would apologize but since we aren't likely to fix this issue until we hire someone who's job is to happily, excitedly, etc.. take on the various things we kinda suck at, it may not actually get fixed. That said we hope you love us enough to forgive us!

So Spring is nearly over and we just completed one event, the Colorado Medieval Festival in Loveland CO. You are welcome to view their website here. They also host an amazing Haunted House - but if we start talking about that we will go from being delayed in our blogging duties to being way too far ahead of ourselves and that will just get messy! 

Happily we can stay on schedule (go us!) by letting you know that you are welcome to come find our booth this coming weekend, June 10, 11, and 12, at the Parker Days Festival. This is a very large festival, roughly 275,000 people attend every year with over 200 awesome vendors. Don't worry, finding us won't be hard at all, no seriously, it won't! All you have to do is find the Colorado Avalanche (go east up Main Street to Victorian and they have a HUGE booth there) and we are going to be very near them. 

Now that we have covered all that we are sure that you want to know about upcoming sales!

After Parker Days we will have the dates nailed down, so keep watching this blog.... and stop rolling your eyes! We already owned our blogging time management struggles but we really will release the sale next week.

In fact, we are willing to risk the wrath of the BOSS, and tell you about them early.

1) If we have anything left in backstock from our Spring Line it will be going on sale as our summer line is rolling out on this website the week after Parker Days (but you can purchase the summer products early at Parker Day as long as supplies last)

2) Summer scents are coming!!

3) When you purchase a bag of Fizzing Bath Salts you can get a Mousse (mix and match scent) for 15% off BOTH products.


4) When you purchase a Fizzing Bath Salt and a Mousse you can add a Daily Lotion and now all three products will be 25% off! The mousse and lotion can be mix and match scent but the CBD strength must match (IE: 2oz mousse 500mg is the same strength as 4oz Lotion 1000mg).

The codes will be listed HERE, on Facebook and on Instagram!





pssst if you come find us at Parker Days there is a special discount on your order for doing so! Just mention this blog post to get it!

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