Holiday Raffle

Holiday Raffle

If you just read our last blog post you may recall that we said we had only two more announcements... well... *cough*... it would seem the team might need basic mathematics review!

Along with our Winter Backlog Sale we are also running a Holiday Raffle!

Starting today thru New Year's Eve if you meet one of the three following requirements we will automatically fill out the color ticket to enter you in the raffle!


1st Prize - Red Ticket - 50% off shopping cart
(Spend $100 or more thru Dec 31, to be entered)

2nd Prize - Green Ticket - 30% off shopping cart
(Spend $50 to $99 thru Dec 31, to be entered)

3rd Prize - Blue Ticket 10% off shopping cart
(Post a comment on any of our blogs, or spend up to $49 thru Dec 31, to be entered)


1) A valid, and legible, email is needed for us to send your winning coupon to you
2) You will have 24 hours to confirm the coupon - but a whole month to use it
3) If you do NOT confirm we will do another drawing
4) No purchase is needed to enter the raffle - you can simply post "enter me" to this blog, on our FB page or on our Instagram
5) AS ALWAYS - WE PROMISE TO NEVER SELL YOUR EMAIL! (We don't like getting spammed either!)

6) Drawing is on January 3rd 2022 - we plan to post a video of it!

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