You're SO transparent!!

Question: What do you mean by that title or maybe we should ask "What did you do now?!" 

It turns out that we have flabbergasted some other people in the cosmetic/CBD industry. We have, once again, proven how devoted we are to being as much of a glass box company as we can. More specifically, on each and every scent blend we offer, we have told you what essential/fragrance oils we used. 

Question: Why would you do that? Especially since the law does not require you to do so? 

Because we care. Seriously. By now you may have noticed that we go out of our way to welcome you to our family. Like most families we have various challenges to deal with, in this case...allergies, and some of them do not fall in the "well known" categories.

As a company there is only so much that we can do to help you with yours. The bulk of the responsibility lies with you. And yes, this blog post does serve a dual purpose in making sure we make it clear we are not responsible if you have an allergic reaction to our products. Especially since we give you everything we can think of to help keep you safe! That said, by telling you everything we do, we hope you will find it easier to manage your allergies. :D

Question: Aren't you worried that one of your "loyal customers" will try to copy our products?

Nope! First off, the term "loyal" (minus the sarcasm you used), is a term we love attaching to our customers. Secondly, we have over 20 years experience making the lovely things we make. If you/they want to invest that much time just to copy what we do, well, how could we be anything but flattered!? But since we figure that bit of flattery, while being quite a lovely thought, is also HIGHLY unlikely, we aren't worried.

Question: Ok, so you aren't worried about your customer base but what about another cosmetic company? What if they try to copy you?

Again, no. Why would they? Even if we assume that our scent blends are that popular (and wouldn't that be amazing!!), why would another company want to be known for being a copycat? 

We hope all is well in your world and until next time feel free to explore all the amazing new updates that have begun to roll out on our site!

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